Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Quote of the Day

Andy, as you mentioned, obviously as we've noted previously, the U.S. Government supports the efforts of the DRC to end the mutiny from its army of a group calling themselves the M23, and to bring justice, the ICC indictee Bosco Ntganda and other alleged human rights abusers among mutineers who were reported to have forcibly recruited child soldiers. The U.S. is deeply concerned about the findings of the UN report that Rwanda is implicated in the provision of support to M23. We have asked Rwanda to halt and prevent the provision of such support from its territory which threatens to undermine stability in the region. Restraint, dialogue, and respect for each other's sovereignty offer the best opportunity for Rwanda and the DRC, with the support of their partners, to resume the difficult work of bringing peace and stability to the broader region.
And in terms of our contacts, obviously we have been in touch with the Rwandans. I don't have any particular contact to read out for you at this time, but we're clearly engaged with the Rwandan Government.
             --Patrick Ventrell, Excerpts from State Department Briefing

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