Saturday, December 3, 2011

Reactions to Early Returns

Radio Okapi has an excellent write up of reactions to the early returns, complete with short audio clips from each of the major party's spokesperson.

As you might expect, Tshisekedi's UDPS party responded fiercely, calling them "a provocation" that would further diminish the confidence of the Congolese people in the independence of the commission. He warned the Pastor Mulumba, the chief of the commission, to be very careful: "The Congolese are extremely vigilant and following the situation closely."

Kamerhe's spokesman said he thought Mulumba was launching a trial balloon to see how the public would react to a Kabila victory, and noted that the Kinshasa results were completely implausible.

Kabila's PPRD, on the other hand, said that publishing the results were a necessary corrective to the spread of rumors and the brief hijacking of the CENI web site which indicated a Tshisekedi victory.

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