Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sarkozy to Visit Congo, Irritate Congolese

From the Financial Times:
Mr Sarkozy will hold talks with Joseph Kabila, the DRC president, in Kinshasa to persuade him to back a controversial plan to put mines in the east of the vast country under some form of supranational authority, with resources shared with neighbouring Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda.
T'es pas serieux? On what conceivable grounds should the Congo "share" its resources? Their resources belong to them. Maybe they should sell rights to exploit those resources to companies of neighboring countries; maybe they should establish some mechanism to pay for transhipment fees. But on no basis should they simply share them. The idea would be too ridiculous to be insulting, were it not for the fact that Rwanda is establishing just such an arrangement right now. Sakorzy's simply give them cover.

The annexation of the Grand Sud of North Kivu continues apace.

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