Friday, January 16, 2009

CNDP Signs Ceasefire in Goma

Reuters is reporting that several commanders of the CNDP just signed a ceasefire agreement in Goma in the presence of the Congolese interior minister and Rwanda's top armed forces commander. It's not clear from the story who signed on behalf of the various parties or what the contents of the agreement are.

But back in Nairobi. . .
The third session of the peace talks between the CNDP, Rwanda, and the Congo, was adjourned until 25 January by the Co-Mediator and African Union Special Envoy, Benjamin Mkapa.

And in New York:
The other co-mediator, Olusegun Obasanjo, reported to the Security Council that tensions between the DRC and Rwanda are beginning to thaw as on-going peace talks, aimed at ending fighting in the east of the DRC between the Government and the main rebel militia in the region, are making slow progress.

So to summarize: the official UN-sponsored peace talks are making slow progress in Nairobi, even as top Rwandan and Congolese officials are holding their own meetings, and signing their own ceasefires, with another, break-away faction of the CNDP that has promised to rid the world of the leftover genocidaires.

If this makes sense to anybody, let me know.

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