Friday, December 12, 2008

How Dysfunctional is the Congolese Government?

For months, a coalition of Congolese NGOs has been begging the Kabila government to name a representative to go pick up a check for 8.3 million Swiss francs seized by the Swiss government from bank accounts held by the late, unlamented marechal Mobutu. The Swiss, apparently, are desperate to give the money back. But with three days to go before the deadline, the government can't seem to get its act in gear. If a government representative doesn't show by Monday, December 15, the funds revert to the Mobutu family. The Coalition Fonds Mobutu gelés en Suisse, or Coalition for Mobutu Funds Frozen in Switzerland, has been petitioning the government for months and held a sit-in yesterday to demand the government repatriate the funds. So far without effect.

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