Monday, April 1, 2013

Scattered Notes on the Economy

Fond memories courtesy Bukavu Online
Zambian and Katangan miners are trying to figure out how to ship their copper via Angola, instead of South Africa and/or Mozambique, says Africa Mining Intelligence. Their sister publication, Africa Energy Intelligence, reports that Mtata Ponyo is investing heavily in hydroelectric power.  And Africa Confidential's stepchild, Africa-Asia Confidential, reports that Gecamines is hoping for an infusion of cash from China.

According to the Mining Review, the Congo's mines minister is busy reassuring investors that last week's furor in Lubumbashi is over.  “I’m personally reassuring miners that these events are temporary and will be completely put to a halt,” mines minister Martin Kabwelulu said by mobile-phone message. “A psychosis will reign for several days, but that will pass as well.”

And Bukavu Online is reminding viewers that the main roads out of town still suck--National Road 2, in particular. They provide photographic evidence.

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