Monday, March 18, 2013

Bosco's Surrender at US Embassy Raises all Kinds of Questions

So if you're reading this, you know that Bosco "We didn't kill you this morning" Ntaganda surrendered to the US embassy in Kigali today. This raises a few questions.

1) How was this the best remaining alternative to him? Did he fear for his life? Was he being hunted--if so, by whom? And what's the background to this story? How did he so burn his bridges--if indeed he has--that there was no place else for him to go? And of all the embassies in Kigali, why'd he walk into ours?

2) What is the process, technically speaking, by which the US would dispatch Bosco to the Hague? Does the US need some sort of extradition request from the ICC? (I assume we don't just fly people to the Hague when they ask us to.) Does someone have to serve a warrant on the guy? Legally speaking, what has to happen? And what happens after that? How long do these processes typically take?--acknowledging, of course, that there's nothing typical about this situation.

3) Will the Rwandans object? If the GoR asks the embassy to relinquish Bosco to them, what will be the US response? How would the US adjudicate those competing demands (between the GoR and the ICC)?

4) Finally, bonus points for the reporter who nails details about Bosco's actual surrender. Did he arrive at the embassy alone or with others? At what time? Who greeted him? What did he ask for? Did he immediately propose being transferred to the Hague, or was that a suggestion from US officials? How did he appear--what was his affect? Where is he staying now? Is he available? Will he be giving interviews or speaking at some point?

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