Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wall Street Journal Confirms ad hominen Nature of Akin Gump Attack on Hege

The Wall Street Journal reports that the law firm Akin Gump, hired by the Rwandan government to review the UN Government of Experts report on the rebellions in eastern Congo, did not limit its attack to the substance of the allegations, but instead went after the personal credibility of its chair, Steve Hege:
In its review to be delivered to the U.N. sanctions committee Friday, Akin Gump, the law firm hired by the Rwandan government, takes direct aim at the authors of the U.N. independent report, primarily its coordinator Steve Hege, calling him biased against Rwanda and therefore "unfit to continue in his current position."
It also says the group didn't provide Rwandan officials with sufficient opportunity to address the findings before they were submitted to the U.N., in several updates in recent months as well as the final report to be delivered Friday, nor did it include what the government did submit.
Mr. Hege declined to comment, citing U.N. policy. An earlier addendum from the Group of Experts said, "The Group has made extensive efforts to engage with the Rwandan government regarding its findings, with some limited success." It added that during an official visit in mid-May by the group to Kigali, the Rwandan capital, the government "didn't receive them in any substantive meetings to discuss these issues."
Let me reiterate that I am astonished that a major law firm would stoop to this level. Law firms of Akin Gump's caliber are allergic to publicity and assiduous about protecting their reputation. Nobody wants to be known at their law school reunion as the guy who trashed the personal reputation of a human rights investigator on behalf of a regime guilty of mass murder.

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  1. I wonder how mad the westerners have become regarding the DRC-Rwanda issue. To be sincere, even a baby can easily see how biased these so-called experts have been against Rwandan government! Imagine coming to Kigali to discuss the issue with the government and when they see fresh graves beside the military barracks they come to a conclusion that it's the soldiers that died on war in DRC fighting for M23 who've been burried there! With all the advancement in technology we have today, an expert can't even bother request for thorough investigation on that!! How stupid these UN experts have become a shame to their employers!
    All in all, Rwanda will go on regardless of the efforts by detractors to turn us back.
    Long live Rwanda and the administration.