Monday, June 4, 2012

Recent Publications

International Rivers' new report criticizes the World Bank's planned infrastructure program for the Congo: "Will the new infrastructure strategies of the World Bank and the Group of 20 address the needs of the poor, or will they entrench the power of privileged groups?" One guess what they conclude.

ACIDH's report on Floribert Chibeya's assassination concludes that the military-run investigation thus far has failed to identify the true authors of the crime.

Eugene Bakama Hope and Alexander White have published a book regarding the appointment of a special court to try crimes against humanity committed in Congo during the first and second war, as described in the Mapping Report. This first part of the book examines the nuts-and-bolts experiences of Kosovo, East Timor, Bosnia and Cambodia with special courts; the second part focuses on how lessons from these experiences can best be adapted for the Congolese situation.

The Congolese NGO Actions des Chretiens pour la Pomotion de la Paix et du Development, or ACPD, is out with a very detailed report on the security situation in eastern Congo. It pays particular attention to the motives of the various military actors.

The National Democratic Institute recently published a report on the most important economic, social and political concerns of Congolese, based on 12 focus groups conducted shortly before the election. It found that Congolese are primarily concerned about their economic subsistence: "They want jobs, security, and the economic growth that accompanies stability." No surprise there: the belly is primordial.

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