Thursday, June 7, 2012

Non-Rhetorical Question

Why have efforts to bring Ushahidi-like real-time reporting on military and food insecurity in eastern Congo never come to fruition?

Here's one effort to map out the problems in CAR. Surely local reporting and cell phone connectivity isn't better in CAR than it is in the Kivus?

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  1. Mutaani Radio in Goma did a similar project surrounding the elections in November/December 2011. It involved a partnership with Vodacom, IDEO, and Falling Whistles, and was picking up steam very quickly. About 200 reports came in from a network of "citizen journalists" across N & S Kivu, Orientale, and Ituri over a single week.

    All was moving along rather smoothly ... until the government shut down SMS for nearly a month. We're currently figuring out how to work around a government shutdown in the future.