Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Re-Count, Re-Do, Or Run-Off?

What's it to be for the Congo?

Can there even be a recount, given how much of a mess the original count was? How can anyone check the electoral results against the precinct tallies now? How can we count the ballots when they have been so badly mis-handled?

Redoing the election would be a gigantic undertaking, requiring hundreds of millions of dollars. Who has that kind of money?

And the idea of a run-off featuring Kabila vs. Tshisekedi has a nice symmetry to it: that's what would have happened anyway, had Kabila not messed with the Constitution earlier this year.

But Kabila will do everything in his power to prevent that from happening, and the US will support him to the hilt. Can you say president-for-life Kabila?

What a mess...


  1. What you are trying to ignore is that Kabila is a foreigner. He is never been a congolese,Kunda killed and terrorrised people in Congo and with the
    help from Kabila ,he is now resting peacefully in Rwanda his country of origin.Kabila does not have a congolese birth certificate.You cannot acquire the congolese citizenchip .

  2. This is a simple matter where Kabila needs to be investigated and disqualified for cheating. He is not a good role model and needs to be arrested for being disrespectful to millions of people. He is the one who created the mess and it is clear that he meant to lie and cheat.