Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quote of the Day II

Today in Kinshasa, from the always entertaining Alex Engwete:
Ordinarily, a taxi takes in 4 fares (1 on the passenger seat by the driver, 3 in the back seat). But I rode today in grand style--from Grand Hotel to Place Victoire, I was the lone passenger of a dejected cabbie!
"Fucking guys ought to get over with it already," he scowled.
"Jesus-Mary-Joseph! We alreadly know the name of the one the Whites have chosen for us! Let's move on! How am I supposed to scrape a living with this! These elections are fucking stupid, I tell you!"

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  1. Hi David,

    I totally agrue with this taxi driver. He is absotely right. As in 2006, the international community, especially the US, the UK, France and Belgium, are backing Kabila because of their interests and because Kabila is easily malleable. Who cares about the misery and the sufferings of Congolese people? I know what I am talking about and I am saying that as a former colleague of Jason Stearns that you know very well. I do not think that today "experts of Congo" are able to provide goood analysis on these elections, given the numerous irregularities during the electoral process. No one among these experts can say today without any doubt that the results released by Ngoy Mulunda are wrong or true.

    By the way, here is a good quote from a young man, porter at Beach Ngobila in Kinshasa. When asked by France24 journalist if he would also cross the river for Brazzaville, he said: "Ceux qui sont morts n'ont pas peur de pourrir. Ce sont les vivants qui ont peur de mourir". The young man means: those who enjoy good life with Kabila regime are those who are afraid of dying. However, those who have been marginalized by the regime and who have always suffered, are like deaths. They are already died and are just waiting to rot. They will not cross the river but they will remain in Congo to fight. This shows the courage and the determination of young people to fight for the transparency and the credibility of these elections, even though the international community thinks that the opposition will not be able to mobilize many people and to demonstrate for many days. Wait and see.