Saturday, December 3, 2011

First Threat of War

He may not have any soldiers to command any more, but General Faustin Munene isn't letting that stop him.

In a press release published on the Reveille FM web site, the general says the electoral process was "based on cheating, lies, tricks, and sleazy manipulations, whose purpose is to falsely proclaim the dictator Joseph Kabila of winning the election."

He continues:
The ARP Popular Resistance Army and all the forces of the Patriotic Resistance reject, therefore, any outcome from this charade that took place in the presidential election!
1. Remember, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, there is no''democracy''! There is only dictatorship and totalitarianism! All institutions are held hostage, even the National Electoral Commission which is said to be independent but serves the narrow interests of Joseph Kabila!
2. For the Congolese people today, Joseph Kabila forfeiture makes him guilty of high treason against the Democratic Republic of Congo!
File this under things you probably don't need to worry about.

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