Friday, October 7, 2011

The Pretty Girl Knows my Name!

I can die happy now. Robin Wright, the Princess Bride, knows who I am. I haven't felt this pleased with myself since third grade, when the brother of Ayo Adufume, the girl I had a crush on, gave me a chance to sneak a look at her Top-Secret diary and I came upon this entry: "My mom thinks David is cute but I don't."

This is from an article published a couple of days ago by Rohan Patnaik in The Independent:

“It’s sad, you know. [Aronson] was there for a day.  He was taken to just a few places, interviewed just a few people, and wrote a story without understanding anything behind the context,” says activist and celebrated Hollywood actress Robin Wright. “When I went there, it was the first time I had done something like this.  I went to Kivu to put a face to an issue I had heard so much about; and I heard all the stories the people told me.  That’s why we’re here today, to speak to people like you and get the word out.  We all are responsible for the bloodshed and Enough is truly doing what is best for the local people.”
Listen Robin, if you're out there:  At some level, it's got to worry you that the next sentence in that article reads: "Nevertheless, many have found that Aronson's claims may, indeed, be true." If you're feeling any cognitive dissonance at all, I'll be happy to talk with you. I'm in the phone book, call me.

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  1. Didn't you know that understanding what's happening in the Congo is directly proportional to the amount of time you spend there? New activist campaign "> 1 day" where everyone who cares about Congo vows to spend a minimum of two days on the ground, pioneering the mysterious territory none of us knew until now existed: "behind the context."