Thursday, October 20, 2011

An Apology

In my post on Enough's decision to call for a one-year delay in the implementation of Dodd-Frank, I reported that Enough's Sasha Lezhnev had told me that their report on the topic would be coming out soon. He has written to remind me that he told me that off the record. He is correct. It was a mistake to report that. I apologize to Sasha and the Enough Project team.

1 comment:

  1. Assuming you are telling the truth the correct response if you were truly sorry would have to pulled the original blog post not post again calling attention to it.

    Any apology should have been done off the record (like the reporting of the policy change from Enough).

    The gloating way you have reported this is disgraceful as well, mentioning the organisations and individuals that you were able to surprise with this information.

    Sasha Lezhnev needs his brain examined for telling you off record in the first place but I guess the trouble with activists is they too often assume that others have the same level of honour and integrity they do.

    I hope in future no one makes the mistake to assume you have any measurable level of integrity or honour at all.