Saturday, March 7, 2009

Why Kamerhe Shouldn't Quit: He's the First Wife

Justin Bitakwira, an MP from South Kivu, gave an interview with Le Potentiel earlier today. Asked about Kabila's hope that President of the National Assembly Vital Kamerhe quit his post before the opening of parliament on March 15, Bitakwira said:
I compare this pressure to a traditional marriage in Africa. In Africa, a naturally polygamous place, a man can have three, five, ten, twenty wives. And if he take one drink too many, he can go home and get rid of one or another of them as he wishes. But the first wife, the one the family has invested in, to get rid of her you need to hold ceremonies and the wife's family must give the final word. We consider in that manner that Kamerhe is like the first, legitimate wife: to get him to leave requires the approval of the family. And the family, in this case, is parliament.

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