Friday, March 6, 2009

Dissent on the ICC Warrant

Harper's has a perceptive article on Alex de Waal, SSRC program director and America's most visible opponent of the ICC's decision--and of Sudan action groups more generally. De Waal's own commentary on the ICC decision is here. The New Republic is hosting a debate with him and Eric Reeves, among others, here. But the clearest, most pugnacious statement against the ICC's decision belongs to the lasses at Wronging Rights. Money quote:
In short, there is an extremely strong likelihood that the ICC warrant could be do all of the following: destabilize a fragile set of not-yet-peace-talks, undermine the almost-but-not-really-implemented peace agreement, support the presidential ambitions of Bashir's genocidal henchpersons, and leave millions of civilians vulnerable to starvation, disease, and violence. (But that's okay, because they all agree that it's totes worth dying of cholera for the possibility of Bashir's arrest, right?)

All that to put one dude on trial in Europe? Really? This is worth it?

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