Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Trains of Kibera

From JR Art:
Today, after more than a year of planning, 2000 square meters of rooftops have been covered with photos of the eyes and faces of the women of Kibera [the slum on the outskirts of Nairobi]. The material used is water resistant so that the photo itself will protect the fragile houses in the heavy rain season. The train that passes on this line through Kibera at least twice a day has also been covered with eyes from the women that live below it. With the eyes on the train, the bottom half of the their faces have be pasted on corrugated sheets on the slope that leads down from the tracks to the rooftops. The idea being that for the split second the train passes, their eyes will match their smiles and their faces will be complete.

And someday, this will be seen on Google Earth, although I'm not quite sure why the faces don't fit together. It looks like one of those block puzzles where you have to slide the grooved pieces around on a square to get them to align:

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