Monday, February 23, 2009

The Senators Speak

Le Potentiel has the bill calling for the convening of an Extraordinary Session of Parliament to discuss President Kabila's agreement to allow Rwandan troops into the DRC.

Basically, they're a) pissed the agreement was made in secret; b) worried about reprisals against Congolese civilians; c) nervous about Rwanda's long-term intentions, and d) anxious to hold a special session of parliament under such and such article of the constitution so that they can . . . Well, that part's not so clear. Legislators everywhere like to think that holding a meeting is the same thing as doing something, and that goes octuple for the Congolese. But it's not at all clear what options they have once they do convene. Impeach the president? Invalidate the agreement? Demand Rwanda's withdrawal? Even if they agree on any of these actions, how would they implement them?

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