Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Round-Up of Views on Rwandan Incursion into DRC

Reuters has a good round-up of views from regional experts about the introduction of Rwandan forces in Congo.

Jason Stearns: "This strategy hinges on the success of the military operations against the FDLR. These kinds of counter-insurgency operations are very difficult and always carry with them the risk of serious harm to the civilian population."

Kinshasa-based diplomat: "I can't see practically how it's going to work."

Regional diplomat: "There does seem to have been a sea change (in relations between the two countries). Whether that is just on the surface or not is not clear. It seems to be the result of some quite lengthy negotiations over the last few months but at no point have they involved the international community."

EU Aid Commissioner Louis Michel is more optimistic: "It (the operation) highlights efforts to find a regional solution to the conflict in Congo." (this quote comes from this article, not the Reuters piece linked to above.)

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