Thursday, January 8, 2009

Is the CNDP Marching on Goma?

CongoForum reports that telephone calls from Rutshuru indicate that the CNDP has left that town and is marching toward Goma. CongoForum says the CNDP set off early Wednesday morning, leaving only fifty soldiers behind. But by early evening, it says, several truckloads of Rwandan soldiers had arrived in Rutshuru to patrol the streets.

This would not be a movement to attack attempted coup-leader Ntaganda, since he is holed up in Kabati, to the northwest, whereas the CNDP soldiers were said to be marching southward, toward Goma. So what's going on?

There are no confirming reports from MONUC or Radio Okapi yet.

In other news, Obasanjo travelled to Kinshasa with Rwandan army chief James Kabarebe and met with Kabila for an hour this morning. It's not clear what they discussed, although a summit meeting is being planned for later this month.

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