Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sarkozy and Kouchner to Visit Congo Next Month

A confusing article from Afrique en Ligne says that Sarkozy and Kouchner plan to visit Congo next month. It says that Sarkozy expressed surprise that the UN had asked the EU for help with a bridging force to bring peace to eastern DRC, and that he prefers dispatching Angolan troops instead of European ones.

But it also says that the EU has agreed to send an expeditionary force made up of "ad hoc" volunteers that do not include French, British, or German troops. Options for this force include a) sending of a tactical group of 1,500 men, which would be operational in two weeks, or b) the deployment of a force on EUFOR format of 3,000 men who could not be deployed before February 2009.

The article also says that Nkunda is asking to be brought in as prime minister of the DRC government, with responsibility for reorganizing the national army, and that his plan is to bring about a violent insurrection in Kinshasa that would put him in power. Very strange.

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