Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Congolese, Rwandan Ministers to Meet

The Kinshasa newspaper Le Phare reports that Congolese and Rwandan defense ministers are to meet today (12/30) in Goma to discuss the conflict in the Kivus.

Representing the Congolese side are Charles MWANDO Nsimba, Lieutenant Général Didier ETUMBA, chief-of-staff for Congolese army, and Général Amissi, head of the "Force terrestre." Representing the Rwandan side is James KABAREHE, minister of defense and chief of the armed forces. The goal of the meeting is to see whether a grand bargain can be struck, permitting mixed Congolese and Rwandan forces to hunt down the remnants of the genocidaires who have taken refuge in eastern Congo, in return for Rwandan cooperation in disarming and disbanding Laurent Nkunda's rebel CNDP.

This is a follow-up to the meeting earlier this month between the two foreign ministers, Congolese Alexis Thambwe Mwamba and Rwandan Rosemary Museminali. As I wrote in my post about the earlier meeting, what is encouraging about this development is that it appears to be a serious effort undertaken in good faith by both parties, rather than one of those elaborate charades the international community puts on in an attempt to cajole unwilling parties toward an agreement they have no intention of fulfilling.

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