Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Belgium Expects EU to Send Troops

This Reuters report says that Belgium expects the EU to send troops, after all:
Belgium said on Wednesday it expected the European Union would agree to send a military force to Congo to assist U.N. peacekeepers, and Belgium itself could provide up to 500 troops.

"I think that at a certain point Europe will send a mission," Belgian Foreign Minister Karel de Gucht told a parliamentary committee, Belgian news agency Belga reported.
Le Soir reports that Karel de Gucht is confident that the EU will come through, and that a decision will be taken on Thursday night, at a dinner for all 27 of the EU foreign ministers.

With France on record as strongly in favor, the only major power that really needs to get on board in Great Britain. This is a time for British NGOs and human rights groups to lobby like hell. "Don't surrender, don't withdraw, don't give up"--Romeo Dallaire.

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