Thursday, November 13, 2008

Miscellaneous Atrocities

I'm going to try not to post too many of these because of how depressingly repetitive they become, but the situation in North Kivu has grown increasingly dire. An Oxfam representative reports that
There has been an increase in incidents of forced labour, rape and widespread brutality . . . as armed men from all sides prey upon those who have sought 'sanctuary' from the fighting in North Kivu.
BBC estimates that 250,000 people have fled their homes and are now living in desperate conditions. Video here.

CNN is reporting that rebels are making roadblocks out of human bodies.

The Guardian reports that cholera outbreaks are spreading from the refugee camp near Kibati to Goma and neighboring populations. The WHO says that it has launched a massive operation to try to control cholera.

UN Sec Gen Ban Ki-moon says that
at least 100,000 refugees are cut off in areas north of the city [Goma], chiefly around Rutshuru and East Masisi. Because of the ongoing fighting, these people have received virtually no assistance. Their situation has grown increasingly desperate.
Radio Okapi is reporting that Congolese military are returning to areas they previously pillaged in Lubero district.

An eyewitness account from the BBC is here.

Meanwhile--quite apart from the fighting between Nkunda and the Congolese military that is taking place in North Kivu--in Orientale Province, the LRA is up to its usual tricks. HRW reports that Joseph Kony's merry band, displaced from Uganda
[has] killed at least 10 civilians, abducted scores of children, and pillaged and burned untold numbers of homes and schools in northeastern Congo in the last two months alone.
HRW calls for more peacekeepers to protect civilians in the area.

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